Ty Burrs (she/her)

Avenue Artist-in-Residence (Graphic & Visual Arts) | Teaching Artist | Artist Mentor (Fashion & Visual Arts | Co-Producer (Black AF)

Event Coordinator.
Creative Director of Multimedia.

Since the very first time I stepped into the Avenue I could feel the energetic, embracing energy releasing from everyone and everything there. I always felt welcome at the Avenue Blackbox Theatre and as Artistic Director Reenah made sure I knew my ideas had a place to flourish right there. Since then we have coordinated so many life changing events, at the Avenue, anything is possible creatively...artistically we are able to create environments where all types of beings can be free, safe, and comfortable. I’m forever thankful for a second home at the Avenue Blackbox theatre.

We have done many events together, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the “7th sense” collaboration. We had fire massages, paint & sip, live painting, live music and vendors. I love when there are options at events and many ways to stimulate your mind. I think with that specific event, we accomplished that!