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Our Projects

The Avenue Blackbox is a safe, bold, creative black-owned performing arts space located in Historic Joseph Avenue neighborhood of Rochester, NY created to offer affordable, meaningful, culturally rich experiences created by artists of color, youth, LGBTQ+, emerging BIPOC creatives, and cultural collaborators traditionally marginalized or silenced in a wide array of artistic disciplines to city of Rochester residents and visitors. 


We seek to create a sustainable partnership with the Joseph Avenue neighborhood and the larger community in all that we do that ultimately transforms an art dessert to a dynamic, vibrant, nucleus of socially impactful, community-centric arts corridor. 

Since opening June 2018, we have proudly offered a variety of community-friendly shows, productions, and programs with our youth and emerging creatives at the center! Admission and all programs are free to City youth and free or  donation-based for adults unable to pay. The Avenue is fully accessible by wheelchair and we do our best to dialogue directly with our guests to offer accommodations for other needs and disabilities. Our goal is to reduce all barriers to experiencing art and culture in ways that change lives for the better. Theatre for EVERY body!

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