Rashad J. Cooper-Smith (he/him)
"Radical Rashad"

Avenue Publicist | Creative Communications Consultant

Radical Creative Communications Consultant.
Community Influencer.

The moment I learned of a new org popping up in the Northeast quadrant of Rochester, I knew that I would be supportive. Having been raised on the east side of the city it was very rear to see new developments. I felt the need to play my part to ensure that this new and very Black business would be a success. Because I’m not a millionaire I wasn’t able to write a check but I knew I had the creative resources to help a Black business on the Northeast side of the city thrive.

My growing friendship with Reenah Golden, the visionary, sealed the deal. Golden’s unwavering advocacy for Black youth and Black art is inspiring. And I simply wanted to see her win.


780 joseph avenue rochester ny 14621

585.491.6730 |info@avenuetheatre.org