Anderson Allen (he/him)
"Poetically Undefined"

Avenue Artist-in-Residence | Teaching Artist | Artist Mentor (Spoken Word) | Collaborator (Theatre Production)

Spoken Word Artist.
Loc’d Light Tech.

The Avenue lives at the intersection of all that impassions and drives the work I wish to do in the world. The Arts. Youth Mentorship. Community engagement. Reenah’s dedication to her community is second to none and when you see how hard she goes at The Ave, all one can ask is “how may I be of service?” I give my time to The Avenue because it is a safe, bold space that is doing the work to till the soil that nurtures free thinkers, believers, and change agents.

A collab that I’m proud to have done at The Ave was grand opening weekend with a double feature of 12 Dollars directed by Gary DeWitt Marshall and Charles Emanuel live. It was an honor to be in a production that welcomed the community into the space to witness its magic and heartwarming to see the way that magic continues to thrive.


780 joseph avenue rochester ny 14621

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