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Tamara Leigh (she/her)

Avenue PR Consultant

BIPOC/QTPOC Advocate & Activist.
Editor of Blaque/OUT Mag. Diversity Consultant.
PR Goddess

I met Reenah when she was teaching and creating a blackbox theatre at my son’s school. She went on to create The Avenue and asked if I could help with some Public Relations work, to which I without hesitation, agreed to. We’ve gotten to work on all kinds of productions and projects since then. My favorite was probably the All-Stud Fashion that pushed a group of folks way out of their comfort zone but was an evening that really changed some hearts and lives. It’s one of my favorite shows I’ve ever put on and one of The Ave’s 1st shows in the opening season!

The Avenue is a proud supporter of BlaqueOut Mag founded and edited by Tamara Leigh. Catch up on the latest issue here:


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